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Have you ever looked at your house and thought, "I just don't know where to start." 
If the amount of belongings you own gives you anxiety,  is overwhelming or stops you enjoying your home, then we are here to help.



We discovered Marie Kondo and the concept of decluttering our homes a few years ago and it changed the way we live. We wanted to use our passion to help others enjoy their homes more.


Now we have a team of seven professional organisers available to help you declutter your home anywhere in the Perth or Mandurah metropolitan area.


We are not NDIA registered but can work with Self or Plan managed  NDIS clients. Message us for more info.  

Queens of Clutter is a Professional Member of the IOPO The Institute of Professional Organisers. 


When you contact us we provide you with a decluttering preparation guide to get the most out of your time with us.

At the appointment, we will choose the space you want to work with. Remove all the items from the space and sort them. The items to be kept will then get reorganised into the space in a way that suits your household. We will then remove the items for gifting if you would like us to.

You need to be home with us, as all of the decisions on what to keep are made by you.

We charge hourly per professional organiser. Our appointments are a minimum of three hours and have an open-ended finish time.  Usually, one organiser is enough, but if you have a big job we can book more than one at a time.


Appointments cost $70 an hour, $75 on Sundays. 


Whether you need help with a certain room or your entire house, our process will help bring calm back from the chaos.    



Our team of 7 organisers are all mums with multiple kids . We have all had times of overwhelmed chaos in our own lives and are here to help you judgment-free. 

Kirrilee used to love traveling the world but gets lost anywhere more than 20 minutes from her house.
Taryn loves to cook nutritious food and wishes her family would eat it.  

Deanie is a fourth generation Fremantle girl and has a puppy as her third child. She loves to meet new people.

Carly is from Melbourne and moved to Perth for love and now has her family here. She used to be a rock singer!

Rachel loves a glass of wine and if she house sits your house it will look much better when you get back!

Falon is a mum of four who loves coffee and dogs. 

Jessica also has four kids plus 8 pets and loves to plan events. 

We understand that everyone has their own challenges in their homes, whether it's the avalanche of kids stuff, sentimental items and memories or just a lack or time and inspiration. No matter how big or small your clutter problem we are looking forward to working with you.


North and South of the River,  Perth and Mandurah Western Australia

Kirrilee 0414 964 365 Taryn 0436 941 998

or message us through our Facebook page Queens of Clutter or Instagram @QueensofClutterPerth